Welcome to the Granttoday

Who am I?

I am a recent Baylor University Graduate… Sic’ Em… who studied the magnificent art of website design….aka … the guy who dropped out and became a bum and once his bills caught up to him had to find a way to make money so now I created this website and I am ballin’.

Why Granttoday? 

I wanted a place to store photos from my trips and be able to show them to people and I created this blog. The media always shows the negative about a place but I want these pictures to show you the true and fun side of things. This is a blog so like anything you like or put up a comment.

Under the Mexico tab there are some cities that are very friendly and love tourist. Don’t be dumb and pull out a wad of money or all your fancy gadgets in public …but also don’t be scared to go to these places. I highly recommend them.


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